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July 2017

Cliff path about 0.5km West of Greve de Lecq

Mark Cox - 2/7/2017

I had never previously seen a Green Lizard but before disappearing into the bracken it stood still in the full sunlight for 20-30 seconds just half a metre from me and was unmistakable with a beautiful lime green back and lemon yellow tinge along the underbelly sides - i am not a reptile fan at all but this was one of the most arrestingly beautiful creatures I have ever seen.


Five Mile Road pathway just before La Braye carpark.

Cheryl Martinez - 2/7/2017

Walking along roadside path from La Braye to La Pulente there were several along the side of the pathway but managed to photograph just one.


JE3 Quaisne common

Catherine - 17/7/2017

Two lizards seen push others in the grass could hear.


JE3 Quaisne Common

Catherine - 18/7/2017

Green lizard along the side of the path


Cliff top path approx. 1/3 of the way from Greve de Lecq to Plemont

Chris Walker - 30/7/2017

I saw two lizards together. I have photos to upload if you would like them, but can't see how I do this here?


Chenin des creux. St brelades

- 31/7/2017

On a log in the sun by the road south of the church




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