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May 2016

My back garden- just off st Clements coast road

Vanessa Clayson - 7/5/2016

The lizard was on the decking it frozen so I was able to take a photo. Not sure it's a green lizard because it was brown.
But I have some photos and can send then to you.


Portelet Common nature reserve

Chris Payne - 8/5/2016

2 fighting males plus ( I think ) one female


Les Mielle Golf & Country Club St. Ouens Bay

Gail Johnson-Deeley - 19/5/2016

I saw a small green lizard under some nettles near the 9th hole. He came out and sat on the soil.


Route de Noirmont

Siobhan Fogatyu - 22/5/2016

We've got a small colony living in the garden (in drystone walls and flowerbeds). They've been around years, and I've seen more this year than last! Most have lost and regrown at least part of their tails, but I have seen one or two with complete tails. The most recent one I saw (Monday morning) was a large male sunbathing on a wooden board. He is fairly unconcerned by humans and dogs, although of course will disappear quickly if anyone gets too close.


Val De Mare resevoir

Julie Cox - 29/5/2016


On cycle route 1 where leaves La Pulente and heads toward 'the bunker' at the end of the point. (La Sergente tomb)

Keith Bowley - 30/5/2016

First ran across in front. Second in edge of undergrowth.




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