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May 2015

st brelade's. triangle plot of land between the train walk/la moye golf course/les quennevais playing fields

John Fox - 3/5/2015

Just one seen on the golf course boundary


Rte de Noirmont, Jersey

Jacqui Carrel - 6/5/2015

This chap (male, I think? He has blue cheeks) lives in our rockery or visits it a lot - I'm not sure. We keep the two cats away from him when he is basking.

You can see pics here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.347291028807941.1073742018.204568299746882&type=3&uploaded=4


on concrete wall bottom of coastal path below Highlands - Corbiere

Philip alford - 12/5/2015

2 other lizards ran away but this one just sat


Noirmont Point on a lizard monitoring panel

Philip Alford - 13/5/2015

several other sightings on other nearby panels


At the Devil's hole on the bend of the path it went into the undergrowth.

Ron Foster - 17/5/2015

It was the high light of the holiday. Are they normally seen and are there many of them in that area ? It seemed to stay around for a while it kept popping it's head out of the undergrowth unfortunately we didn't have a camera.


corbiere radio tower

Caroline Ross - 23/5/2015

Seen in a shrub bush as walked from the radio tower down towards the bunkers


Bouley Bay - by breakwater.

James Long - 24/5/2015

Lizard scurrying around rocks beside road just down from breakwater and fort Leicester.


St. Ouen, The Dolman

James Van Neste - 28/5/2015

Male green lizard. About 9' from head to tail




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