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May 2013

st catherines bay jersey (between the cafe and sand sculptures)

daniel carless - 1/5/2013

visited jersey this week and took a trip to st catherines bay,heard some rustling and presumed it was a mouse/vole took a closer look and it was a huge green lizard of around 20-25cm. it soon made its get away but also saw a brown lizard next to it too.
im from nottingham but recently moved to bournemouth where i am told lots of lizard sightings occur as they have all reptile species but as of yet i have only seen 2 small ones. the sighting in jersey was the highlight of my trip i even went back to st catherines the following day to look for more but it was cold and overcast so didnt see any.


In the vegetation next to the footpath from Castle to Gorey Pier that runs behind shops/houses.

Breda Crumley - 5/5/2013


Base of Mont a La Brune

Aaron Le Flohic-Gillies - 6/5/2013

Singular lizard spotted in the evening


Hill leading from the Castle Green, Gorey

Dorne Le Gallou - 9/5/2013

Spotted various lizards in the walls as we walked up the hill. At one spot we counted at least half a dozen enjoying the sunshine.


St Ouen - on Grande Route des Mielles nr. Watersplash Bar

Richard Bradley - 10/5/2013

2 x spotted (1 male 1 female)


Gorey Beach. On the sandy path just before the cafe hut on the beach.

charlotte pitter - 12/5/2013

I nearly stepped on him by accident!


Track off Mont Mathieu, St Ouen

Dorne Le Gallou - 12/5/2013

Whilst walking along a track off Mont Mathieu which leads down to Chemin du Moulin we came across a male green lizard sitting on an old wall amongst the hedgerow, which we nearly missed.


Jersey at La Rosiere, below Highlands Hotel

Alasdair Pickering - 26/5/2013

2 lizards spotted basking in 2 different locations.


Just above gravel car park near gorey beach op gorey common

Kerrie Gallichan - 30/5/2013

About 30 cm from head to tip of tale.


clos.fondain st.c next to shakespeAre hotel

kenny jaffray - 31/5/2013

was found in scaffold pole. when dismanteling. releasted onwaste
ground next 2house. about 8 inch long




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