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April 2011

Southern end of St Ouens Bay in the sand dunes/broom

Alison Cottier - 3/4/2011

Saw three in total, was taken aback as I have never seen such large lizards in the UK and so brightly coloured, they were beautiful!


Sand Dunes high up, due East of Le Braye car park

Samantha McFadzean - 8/4/2011

One female Green Lizard spotted in the long grass


Beside footpath between St Brelade's and Beauport

Greg Nation - 15/4/2011

Spotted while on holiday in Jersey - It was in the long grass beside the path (near the St Brelade's end) I'd never seen a green lizard before and was surprised at how well it blended into the surroundings.


In my back garden, Rue du Grouet, Petit Port, St. Brelade

Jan Grimshaw - 17/4/2011

We see a Green Lizard every year around this time, when the weather is hot and sunny, I suppose we have seen them for the past 4 or so years. I have a lovely photo of the one I took on 17th April this year.


my back garden at Rue du Grouet, Petit Port St Brelade

Jan Grimshaw - 20/4/2011

Sorry I just sent incorrect date of lizard sighting, (only 3 days out) it was 20th April.


footpath between Les Ormes and Belle Vue (BV) end

Anthony - 22/4/2011

Was injured had lost its tail, found in middle of the path with no movement, moved it to a secluded sunny spot. Started to move again after a 2 mins waited a further 5-10 mins moved more with bigger movements.


Noirmont point

Russ Allchin - 22/4/2011

Sitting on a bench to the right of the carpark , heard a noise in the gorse, nice shiny green lizard with dark head came out, aprox 8-10 inches long, walked in full view about 5 feet from us, even poked its head out to check me out when i went to get a closer look. It watched me for about 20 seconds then turned and ran off into the gorse.

Ps, not seen one anywhere near that big before.


Millais, St. Ouen

Campbell family - 24/4/2011

Beautiful blue-throated lizard caught by cat. Tail shed and wound to abdomen, but currently recovering in a bug box. Cat nursing pride following bite by lizard!




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