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May 2010

corbiere lighthouse

gordon - 4/5/2010

i just noticed one while we was up by the lighthouse taking in the views, i managed to get some photos. after i had seen one i started to look around the same area and did see a about 4 or 5 of them. when going to other similar places i kept my eyes open for them but never did spot any.


u.k. royal jersey golf course, path between 10th.green & 11th. tee

frances de faye - 7/5/2010

10.30 a. m. large green lizard, 10-11ins. long ran across the path 1ft. in front of me,into the gorse.


La Corberie

charlie vint - 17/5/2010

Seen basking on rock by side of road


in the woodland area to the left facing sea @ St. Brelades bay

mr and mrs d prothero - 19/5/2010

We saw a pair of lizzards in the woods not far from the hotel at the top of the hill.


Garden no 1 Les Ruisseaux House Apartments Les Ruisseaux St Brelade

Carol Canavan - 23/5/2010

We have 2 lizards in the garden - photographs were on page 22 of JEP last Wednesday. They are out and about daily at the moment. Don't know if they are a 'pair'


On the hill coming from the racecourse direction to L'Etac, about 100 metres up from the turning which takes you round to where the Lobster Pot uses to be. Sorry I do not know the names of the roads.

Dave Stuart - 23/5/2010

I was out running when a friend spotted the green lizard which was at the side of the road up against the granite wall.

It tried to cross the road for which purpose we stopped the traffic to ensure its safety. We felt very privileged to view this small creature.


Cliff path between Portelet and Noirmont, near first gun emplacement.

Axletramp - 23/5/2010

2 green lizards, both female. The first was approximately 20cm the second nearer 30cm.




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